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Triple Therapy for CLL Shows Promise in Phase 2 Trial

Results from a phase 2 study of 3 oral targeted agents for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)…

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The CLLANZ Inaugural CLL Seminar

Three top haematologists will present and take questions on CLL disease, diagnosis and management,…

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Uncommon Mutation in CLL Associated With More Favorable Prognostic Factors

Patients with CLL/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL) who had an MYD88 L265P mutation were…

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Targeted Molecular Therapies for the Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

CLL proliferate in secondary lymphatic organs where cancer cells engage in molecular and cellular…

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CLLANZ Inaugural Patient Seminar – Wednesday 14 October, 5.30pm

What is the state-of-the art treatment for CLL in New Zealand?

What are the latest international and local developments in CLL research and treatment, and what’s on the horizon?  What is the optimal approach to ‘watch and wait’ management? How can we access clinical trials?  How does New Zealand compare with international standards of care?

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Welcome to CLL Advocates NZ

My name is Neil Graham and I’m one of around 2000 New Zealanders living with CLL. I had a near death experience around 5 years ago. My life was saved by one of the extraordinary new treatments that are now available for CLL but which is not funded in New Zealand. You can read my story here.

I believe all life is precious, and I want others in the position I was in to have the chance to go on living. So I’ve set up this advocacy group to push for a mechanism to fund the therapy that saved my life and other innovative CLL medicines that are coming onstream.

This is going to be a straight-talking, no-frills organisation, and we want to complement the work of other organisations rather than duplicating the information and services they provide.

So I warmly invite you to subscribe to our website and join our private Facebook group where patients and their families can share stories and ideas. If you have suggestions on what we should be doing, or want to put questions to experts, or would like to write your own story for us to post on our Patients’ Stories page, we would welcome that. And if you’d like to get in touch see my contact details on this site. I hope that together we can make a difference.


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