CLL Advocates Newsletter Issue 7

Dear Friends of CLLANZ

Happy New Year to you all out there in CLL land.

Last year has been an extraordinary one for humanity and the planet.

But perhaps better news for CLL and other blood cancers for the year to come, from the other side of the ditch (the Western Isle), and the potential to develop a similar initiative in Aotearoa. Over the last four years, Leukaemia Foundation Australia has developed a bold project, with the expressed ultimate aim being zero lives lost to blood cancers by 2035.

In the four years to 2020, much good work has been done by many to create the recently launched Australian National Action Plan for Blood Cancers. Details are available in the document of the same name, released in June 2020. The main themes are: best practice clinically, empowerment of patients and their families, accelerated research, and access.

There has also been an interesting article in the most recent Patient Power about diet and CLL, which you should all find interesting. This one is on diet and supplements, and this one on how diet can prolong the ‘watch and wait’ period.

Best wishes

Neil Graham