CLL Advocates Newest Trustee

A very warm welcome to our newest CLL Advocates NZ Trustee, Diane Ward.

Regular followers of our Facebook group will know Diane well, and we’re delighted she’s willing to join the Board and contribute her skills and lived experience and her in-depth knowledge of CLL to our work.


Here is a little bit about the lovely Diane:

Diane Ward is a retired primary teacher, principal, and ESL teacher. She is well travelled and has lived and worked in several different countries.

She was diagnosed with CLL in 2018. It came as a shock and since then she has made a number of lifestyle changes. She has researched CLL and is passionate about fighting for the funding of drugs that are readily available in many other countries as first line treatment.

She would like everybody who is diagnosed with CLL to have a funded initial appointment with a specialist who could explain its intricacies.

Diane is a regular contributor to our Facebook group and is keen to encourage wider engagement in discussion and active support for our efforts to access better treatments for New Zealanders living with CLL.