IQVIA report: Access to Medicines 4 (AtoM 4)

This report investigated and compared the funding and availability of modern medicines in the public health systems within New Zealand and Australia during the period January 2011- June 2023.


The AtoM 4 report highlights that the substantial difference between Australia and New Zealand in the availability of publicly funded modern medicines found in the first, second and third AtoM reports continues despite both countries having extremely similar decision-making and procurement systems for the public funding of modern medicines.

Key messages from the AtoM 4 Report include:

  • Australia publicly funded 2.5 times more modern medicines than New Zealand between January 2011 – June 2023 (187 vs 69).
  • Even for the same medicines, Australia was almost twice as fast to fund them. It took over 2 years in New Zealand (491 days vs 772 days)
  • The registration and availability of modern medicines in New Zealand lags well behind Australia. 70% of the 131 medicines publicly funded in Australia, aren’t even registered in New Zealand.

Since publication of the last AtoM report, the gap between Australia and New Zealand has widened regarding publicly-funded modern medicines access.

To read the report, please view it here: Access_to_Medicines_Report_September_2023